Public relations tailored to the needs of brands in the fields of design, craft and manufacturing.

ー Branding & Positioning

Daily Press works closely with brands to consolidate their image, concept and vision for the future. Utilising our network of creative directors, designers, architects, photographers and writers, we take a creative approach to presenting a brand’s message, developing press material, publications and other tools that communicate with a specific audience.

ー Media Relations

Daily Press has developed strong relationships with an extensive network of media and industry professionals. After identifying the key media contacts for a brand, we take a hands-on approach to communicating its message through individual briefings, presentations, exhibitions and events.

ー Events

From opening receptions to product launches, press conferences, workshops and lectures, we plan and deliver promotional events that showcase the unique characteristics of a brand.

ー Project Management

Utilising the communication skills central to our public relations work, we contribute to the suc-cess of projects through services including concept planning, scheduling, budget management and team organisation.